The House In The Park; Episode Three: Crying

The fat man finally breached his sorry excuse for a living space. The stench of dampness a constant hint to his usual surroundings that he didn’t notice it. Placing his purchases of the day and the shovel on a severely worn arm chair before slumping his large body upon the sofa supported by cinderblocks around it’s flanks to allow his full weight to fall on … Continue reading The House In The Park; Episode Three: Crying

My Little Family.

Greetings and Salutations! This, what you hold before you, is a scripture of the list of my little Family, enjoy! Here be me and my fiance; Courtney: And que soppy writing phase… mwuhaha! We are approaching our third year anniversary now, coming up at the end of August, we met at the wondrous Leeds Festival back in 2015 and, haven’t looked back since! We got … Continue reading My Little Family.

Finally gave up…

Sorry… you’re all mostly probably going to look down, and shake your heads with disgust… I’ve given up. Yes, given up half way through “The Amber Spyglass”. I’m sorry! The first book, Norther Lights was amazing! I just could not put that one down! Absolutely adored that story! The second book, Subtle Knife, yeah it was still brilliant, I didn’t enjoy it as much as … Continue reading Finally gave up…

Fright of my life!

Jesus bloody Christ! Yes, I’m starting this post like that… So, I’m reading The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death… about half way through now, I started it last night… great idea at 10pm… Well, tonight I’m very involved in the book, sat In our little communal courtyard alone with my black cat Zelda, and my shoe suddenly flies out the door. I hear nothing … Continue reading Fright of my life!

The House In The Park; Episode Two: Ellen

A young woman sat behind the cheap, plywood desk, twiddling her auburn hair with boredom. “Ellen, please try and atleast look like you want to be here.” Sighed a balding man who paid her wages at the far end of the long empty D.I.Y. shop before heading up to his office at the top of the stairs that hid behind the full shelf of fence … Continue reading The House In The Park; Episode Two: Ellen


The man stood over his fallen child. The boy, with torn clothes and muddied knees glared up at his father with tear nothing cheeks. “Why do we fall, son?” The boy stared at his father with stubbornness taking over his person. “Why. Do. We. Fall?” He said again slowly. The boy, sat In the drying mud, muttered under his breath. “I can’t hear you, boy.” … Continue reading Falling.

The House In The Park; Episode One: The Body.

The sun drove deep through the heavy leaves of the thick dark Forest. Beams of light made the path visible for the young man trudging along with his compass in one hand, a map in another, accompanied by an ever confused expression upon his thin face. His brown eyes searching constantly for signs of the river that the map told was supposedly ahead. The rushing … Continue reading The House In The Park; Episode One: The Body.