Sunday Adventure! Kinder Scout Mountain.

Sunday’s are our adventure day, usually. This time, we ventured up the small hill at Kinder Scout. And by ventured up, I mean struggled en mass. And by small hill, I mean big arsed mountain. Roughly the walk took us 6 hours. We started off, just me and Courtney at Bowden Bridge Carpark, walking with a tiniest map printed… It’s a “blame the map and … Continue reading Sunday Adventure! Kinder Scout Mountain.

Me weekend!

Saturday! Bonfire Night! Ohoooo, now, do you celebrate the idea or the failure? Greetings and Salutations friends and reader(s)! It’s burn the man and dance around in the smoke night! Burn baby burn! So we had our annual bonfire at our park. Elland Round Table had a pretty good charity fire going on, with some food stalls and game stalls, but seriously this is a … Continue reading Me weekend!

The House In The Park; Episode Eight: Her.

The fat man charged the bushes, splashed the streams with heavy feet and fled deeper and deeper into the wood. He thought, the wooded area of the park wasn’t actually that big in comparison, but this was ridiculous! His heart almost bouncing out of his hairy breast as his jelly legs gave way to his mass. He propped himself up against a well rooted tree, … Continue reading The House In The Park; Episode Eight: Her.

Banshee: Prologue; The Mistake

The cold, emotionless void of space outside a quite, peaceful planetary system lay silent, not knowing the short and brutal war that would soon rage upon its perimeter. A system of seven planets had been discovered by a scientist on a comfy chair on his home planet of Earth. Four of which have been deemed possibly habitable. With his find, and the reality of an … Continue reading Banshee: Prologue; The Mistake

Banshee: Chapter Five: Pirates And Traitors.

A heavy smell of stale sweat and smoke filled the nostrils of an aged man with dark brown skin, taking a deep pleasing breath as he paced from one end of the bridge to another. The glows of the single tier of control units in front of him outlined the skeletal figures of his thin crew. β€œBrothers. How long until they enter warp travel?” asked … Continue reading Banshee: Chapter Five: Pirates And Traitors.

An Autumnal Walk 😎

Me and our lass had a spontaneous “little” walk today, and it’s “little” because we thought it was little… we were wrong! We fancied a walk up to Stoodley Pike in Todmorden. You can see it from miles and miles away. So we parked up in Tod (which the ever so trusty Satnav said to do), got out and looked around the fields “…So…where do … Continue reading An Autumnal Walk 😎

Arwen the Wabbit

Wenniepoo or Arwen, depends if I’m drunk or not, haha. This is Arwen she’s a little over a year old and is a fully blown house rabbit, litter trained and everything! And her two best friends are kitties! I have found both cats cuddled up with Arwen in her bed before, but they leg it before I can snap a picture 😦 Real world problems … Continue reading Arwen the Wabbit